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Want to create your own activities to raise money for cancer research? Register as a Challenger!

Raise money for innovative cancer research anywhere, anytime.

  • 100% of Participant-Raised Funds Support Cancer ResearchEvery single dollar a Challenger raises goes directly toward innovative cancer research.
  • Your ChoiceNo need for a bike, helmet, or even spandex. As a Challenger, you can choose up to 5 activity goals to inspire your network of donors.
  • Flexible Fundraising$100 minimum fundraising commitment with the opportunity to set higher fundraising goals.
  • Everyone Can Get InvolvedParticipate anywhere in the world, at any time you'd like. And did we mention there are NO restrictions on age?

Raise money for innovative cancer research anywhere, anytime.

Registration for Pelotonia 2024 will open on February 29, 2024!

100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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