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By The Pelotonia Team|August 10, 2020

Each year, Pelotonia participants find inspiring and creative ways to raise money for innovative cancer research. Although the pandemic has brought unique challenges to fundraising, we’ve seen Legends rising to the occasion and finding unique ways to raise money while social distancing.
Looking for ways to reach your fundraising goal? Take a look at some of our examples below!

Hold a Virtual Garage or Closet Sale

With tools like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping, people don’t need to shop in person anymore. If you find you have some spare time to clean out your closet or cupboards, try putting together an online sale with proceeds going back to your fundraising.

Sell your Craft

Love to bake? Sell Pelotonia cookies. Have a knack for woodworking? Sell a line of products that feature the Pelotonia arrow. Now is the perfect time to harness a skill you love. Then, you can sell your creations online (via Etsy, social media, or another online platform) with profits going back to cancer research.

Wash Cars or Bikes

With the warm weather, now’s the perfect time to try this traditional way of fundraising. The best part is that you can stay completely socially distant by pre-scheduling times online to wash the car or bike. Use an appointment scheduling app like SignUp Genius or Calendly to create appointments for when you’re free.

Host a Livestream Event

The sky is the limit with livestream events! Head and beard shavings have been gaining in popularity, but there are many other fun ways to join in the livestream fun. You can host a concert on Facebook Live, charging admission, or taking donations for song requests. If you love the world of e-sports, you can host a livestream gaming event.
Were you inspired by any of these fundraising ideas? Share your ideas on social and tag @Pelotonia and #Pelotonia! You just might be featured on an upcoming #FundraisingFriday post.
And if you need help crafting a legendary fundraising letter, be sure to check out our blog here.
100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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