Pelotonia is a community that is determined to see an end to cancer.

Together, we've saved countless lives. Help us save more.

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At Pelotonia we’re driven by our mission: to engage, inspire, and challenge a community committed to change the world by accelerating innovative cancer research.

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Registration opens February 29 for Pelotonia 2024! Join us August 2 for Opening Ceremony, Ride Weekend August 3-4, and Gravel Day September 28.

100% of all participant-raised funds go toward innovative cancer research, including:

  • Enhanced Treatments and TherapiesPelotonia dollars help attract and retain the best talent in cancer research to explore high-impact breakthroughs that make cancer treatment less toxic and more effective.
  • The Next Generation of Research TalentPelotonia's Scholars Program empowers young innovators across academic fields and disciplines to pursue a career in cancer research.
  • Immuno-OncologyPelotonia pioneered a landmark investment to launch the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology.
  • Prevention and Early DiagnosisPelotonia funds initiatives that aim to save lives before cancer strikes through prevention and early detection methods.
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100% of all participant-raised funds go toward innovative cancer research, including:

Scientists in lab doing research.

Immunotherapy treatments for breast cancer, targeted therapy for the most aggressive form of brain tumor and addressing depression among lung cancer survivors are among the topics tackled in new studies supported with funds from Pelotonia.

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100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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