No matter what your goal is, we have the training tips to help you succeed.

Our Top Training Tips

  • Bike Fitting

    Pelotonia Riders can receive a discounted bike fit with Ohio State Sports Medicine during the months of June and July 2022. Call 614-293-2385 to get scheduled and mention that you are with Pelotonia to get the discount.

  • Nutrition

    Always carry a water bottle with water or other hydrating liquids. For rides longer than 30 minutes, we recommend bringing some sort of nutritious snack.

  • Injury Prevention

    Stretching helps you increase your motion and efficiency of movement prior to any sporting activity and helps reduce tightness and soreness after.

  • Rehabilitation

    Ohio State Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation includes a group of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and certified specialists that understand the demands of your sport.


Training Downloads

  • Injury Prevention Exercises

    Stretching and foam rolling help reduce tightness and muscle soreness after cycling.

  • Spring/Summer Training Schedules

    Monthly training schedules to help you reach peak performance for your riding level.

  • Novice Route Advice

    Find advice for training for different route options from our friends at Roll: and VisionQuest.

  • Cycling Core Stability Exercises

    Condition core muscles that increase stability of the spine and in turn stability on the bike.

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