At Pelotonia we’re driven by our mission: to engage, inspire, and challenge a community committed to change the world by accelerating innovative cancer research. 
It’s what gets us up early in the morning and keeps us up late at night. It’s what has motivated us all to take action and inspire others to join us. Because we know when more of us come together, we will never have to accept anything short of our One Goal. 

Here to support a Pelotonia participant? 100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research. Give today.

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Other Ways to Give to Pelotonia

Give to The Forward Fund

Don’t know anyone participating in Pelotonia but still want to help? We love that. This is the place to make your donation.


Give via Cash, Checks and Wire Transfers

Give today using cash, check, or wire transfer.

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Give From a Donor-Advised Fund

Want to donate through a Donor-Advised Fund? It's easy. Click here to get started.

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Give From Cryptocurrency or Stock

Pelotonia accepts cryptocurrency and stock donations

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Give via Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

IRAs are a great way to give to Pelotonia!

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Legacy Gifts

Legacy giving offers a way to support causes that are close to your heart even beyond your lifetime.

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Matching Gifts

Many employers match the charitable contributions of their employees. Want to learn if yours does? You can raise even more for cancer research.

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Give While You Shop

Raise money for cancer research during your usual shopping routine.

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Have questions about making your donation? Need to find a donation form? Find all the details here.

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From Facebook fundraisers to spin-a-thons, get inspired with even more ways to fundraise for innovative cancer research.

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100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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