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New Peloton Spotlight: Columbus Young Professionals (CYP) Club

By The Pelotonia Team|May 19, 2021

Get to know one of Pelotonia’s newest Pelotons: Columbus Young Professionals (CYP) Club! Rider Melanie March started the Peloton this year to encourage more young professionals to be a part of the Pelotonia community.
“I wanted to start a team that welcomes young professional and empowers them in their fundraising efforts,” she says.
Melanie had thought about participating in Pelotonia in college but wasn’t sure how to go about fundraising. She then decided to start riding in 2018 after taking a job at L Brands, knowing their corporate support for Pelotonia and its mission. Melanie was surprised to see how easily she was able to fundraise on her own. Last year, Melanie raised $2,500 even in the midst of the pandemic.
The number one goal Melanie has for the CYP Club Peloton is to work with each member to help them reach their own fundraising goals.
“Not everyone fundraises the same,” Melanie says. “Not everyone’s personal community will be able to donate everything they need. So, I want to work to see if there’s something each person is passionate about that we can create a fundraiser around.”
Along with encouraging personal fundraisers, CYP Club also has a few Peloton fundraisers in the works. The first happened in March through a bracket challenge. The group has also reached out to several different restaurants and breweries throughout the city to host givebacks, and they have plans for two events later this summer: one in partnership with The Fitness Loft and one with GRIND.
As a member of the CYP organization’s Leadership Council, Melanie felt that there would be a great opportunity to recruit within that network and throughout the city. Although it is built through the CYP organization, anyone is welcome to join. This includes any young professional in the city, outside the city, or someone who is even young at heart. There are no restrictions to who can be a part of this engaged group.
Melanie’s mom has joined the team as a Challenger from North Carolina and completed a 40-mile ride with friends. As far as other members, Team CYP Club has a great mix of new and experienced participants, as well as Challengers and Riders.
If you’re interested in joining CYP Club, you can choose the Peloton during the registration process or email Melanie at [email protected].
Thinking about starting your own Peloton? Melanie says the process was easy! She was inspired after a Pelotonia Q&A session to start the Peloton and it was up and running in no time. You can create your own by gathering 5 or more people, then emailing Community Engagement Coordinator Carolyn Appelhans at [email protected].
100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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