Pelotonia x CancerBridge

Pelotonia has partnered with CancerBridge to provide access to cancer resource services for all Pelotonia participants and their family members!
From receiving a diagnosis or second opinion, to navigating a treatment plan, to learning about support services for patients and caregivers - CancerBridge provides guidance and support throughout the experience by connecting you to cancer experts from a National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Call 855-366-7700 to speak with a nurse (Monday through Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm ET)


When is it appropriate to call CancerBridge?
CancerBridge is available to you at any time throughout your cancer experience. You can contact them with any cancer inquiry, such as:
  • Discussing a new cancer diagnosis
  • Interest in obtaining a second opinion
  • Going over a current or proposed treatment plan
  • Asking how to locate an NCI-designated CCC
  • Assistance in finding cancer information and support resources for patients and caregivers
  • Questions about cancer clinical trials
How do I connect with CancerBridge as a Pelotonia participant?
By phone - Call 855-366-7700 to speak with a nurse (Monday through Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm ET). When you and/or your family members call CancerBridge you will note that Pelotonia is your affiliate/employer and provide your Pelotonia participant ID #. To look up this participant ID #, visit
By online portal - Visit to access resources on cancer prevention, screening and detection, and cancer support. To login, enter username: pelotonia, password: mycancerbridge.
Do I have to pay to use CancerBridge?
There will never be a fee for all Pelotonia participants and their family members to use the CancerBridge service.
Do I need to go through my insurance?
CancerBridge is completely self-directed, meaning that you do not need to file a claim or go through your insurance provider to make a call.
What types of questions should I ask during my first call?
Our certified oncology nurses will ask you several questions to gain a better understanding of the reason for your call. Feel free to ask any questions regarding treatment & therapies, returning to work, financial-related questions, or questions about caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis. All questions and shared information are confidential.
I am a Pelotonia participant navigating a cancer diagnosis but am not being treated at The James. Do I qualify for this service at no cost?
Yes! All Pelotonia participants and their families are eligible for CancerBridge, regardless of where they are being treated.

Learn more about CancerBridge and its resources

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100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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