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Pelotonia Team

  • Joe Apgar | President

    Joe is responsible for developing and overseeing all strategic efforts to increase awareness of, participation in, and support for the Pelotonia movement, as well as ensuring the strategic and responsible utilization of Pelotonia funds.

  • Carolyn Appelhans | Community Engagement Coordinator

    Carolyn is responsible for supporting the strategic planning, recruitment, coordination, and ongoing communication with all Pelotonia Volunteers, Riders, and Challengers.

  • Simone Attles | Manager, Community Growth

    Simone focuses on strategic marketing and community engagement initiatives that drive growth, diversity, and impact within the Pelotonia community.

  • Gabby Blauert | Marketing and Communications Coordinator

    Gabby is responsible for supporting the marketing and communication efforts for all aspects of our organization, including managing Pelotonia’s social media accounts, supporting online content including the blog, website, and the One Goal podcast.

  • Nick Denby | Chief Financial Officer

    Nick is responsible for creating, implementing, and managing all the internal financial and information technology strategies and systems of the organization.

  • Ashley Ellashek | Merchandise Manager

    Ashley oversees our merchandise program which includes The Shop at the Pelotonia HQ, our online store, as well as merchandise tents on Ride Weekend and throughout the year.

  • Janelle Goldbach | Gift Processing Manager

    Janelle facilitates the processing of all donations and matching gifts. She also oversees Pelotonia’s financial and administrative processes.

  • Lauren Graham | Director - Event Operations

    Lauren is responsible for assisting with the planning and execution of all operational aspects of Pelotonia’s annual Ride Weekend and additional events throughout the year.

  • Jackie Kemble | Manager, Strategic Projects

    Jackie is responsible for overseeing the project management and measurement of key initiatives across the organization in technology development, strategic planning and more.

  • Jill Londino | Director of Operations & Strategic Projects

    Jill is responsible for overseeing the strategy and development of operational projects designed to strengthen the organization’s long-term success.

  • Eric Olsavsky | Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships

    Eric is responsible for identifying and cultivating relationships with corporations, corporate foundations and private foundations in order to secure significant cancer research dollars.

  • Alida Smith | Chief Marketing Officer

    Alida provides strategic leadership for Pelotonia’s brand, marketing, and communications efforts, and supports the broader execution of the organization's strategic plan to increase awareness of, participation in, and support for the Pelotonia movement.

  • Jon Tolbert | Director of Creative Marketing

    Jon is responsible for establishing and executing the creative content and storytelling strategy for the organization that supports Pelotonia’s strategic plan to increase awareness of, participation in, and support for the Pelotonia movement.

  • Aris Troy | Community Engagement Coordinator

    Aris is responsible for providing exceptional customer service to the Pelotonia community in support of their efforts to recruit, ride, volunteer and raise funds in support of Pelotonia's mission.

  • Doug Ulman | Chief Executive Officer

    Doug is responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and direction of Pelotonia and also serves as an advisor to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

  • Steph Zimmerman | Chief of Staff and Board Liaison

    Steph is responsible for supporting the strategic and administrative objectives of Pelotonia’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Ulman and President, Joe Apgar. She also serves as Pelotonia’s Board Liaison.


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100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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