Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Pelotonia, we put people-first. Not just some people, but all people. We fund innovative cancer research, and we are deeply committed to ensuring that this is done in an equitable and inclusive way.  
We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and will continually work to improve the diversity of our Board, team, supplier base, community, and research investments. Creating an environment where everyone has equal opportunities stimulates innovation, presents new approaches, and brings fresh perspectives that allow us to expand our work into more diverse communities and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Our participants, donors, investors, and partners must engage in active contribution to a diverse community - unified in our shared pursuit of ending cancer.  
To accomplish this, we must do the work.
We have identified four key pillars where we feel we can have our greatest impact: supplier diversity, workforce diversity, community engagement, and research investment. Our strategies and actions will push us to progress in each of these crucial areas of focus. We will establish Pelotonia as a national leader by how we spend with our suppliers, recruit and develop our workforce, build our community, and how we invest in innovative cancer research. Because we know that diversity enables excellence and innovation that can only be realized through a healthy collaboration of different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. 
We look forward to doing this work and continuing to build a community, for all, committed to One Goal. 
Doug Ulman 
Chief Executive Officer

Our Goals

  • Supplier DiversityTo identify and utilize more diverse suppliers as part of our purchasing practices. As responsible community partners, we want to drive economic inclusion that provides opportunities for all.
  • Workforce DiversityTo ensure diversity at the board and management levels of our organization. This can be addressed by how we recruit, retain, develop, and invest in human capital.
  • Community EngagementTo bring awareness to Pelotonia’s commitment to DEI by creating strategic external partnerships that foster equitable participation opportunities and that drive investment in cancer research and prevention for all.
  • Research InvestmentTo forge a more equitable and inclusive pathway for talented scientists who are underrepresented in the medical community to obtain research funding and to invest in cancer research initiatives designed to reduce and eliminate health disparities.

Our Goals

Learn more about equity in healthcare on the One Goal podcast with Dr. Darrell Gray II, former Deputy Director of the Center for Cancer Health Equity within The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center


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A collection of helpful DEI resources and educational content from Pelotonia and our partners.

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DEI Supplier Commitment

Know a minority-owned business? Completing this form allows us to diversify our pool of potential vendors - all are encouraged to submit.   

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