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Discover all you need to know for Ride Weekend 2021.

Important Pages

  • Opening Ceremony

    We can't wait for food, fun, and impact on 08.06.21 at the Columbus Crew's NEW stadium!

  • Safety

    We take safety very seriously. Check out our Safety Page for more details.


Important Downloads

  • 2021 Event Handbook

    Be sure to read this guide prior to Ride Weekend.

  • Volunteer Handbook

    Find information on Volunteer leads, job descriptions, and more.

  • Mask Guidelines

    This chart shows where masks will be required, not required, or recommended.

  • How to Pin Your Credentials

    Need help with your credentials? Take a look at these instructions.

  • Ride Weekend Parking

    Used for Opening Ceremony and McFerson Ride starts.

Ride Weekend FAQs

Where/When is Rider Check-In?
All Riders who are registered on or before 07.23.21 will have their credential packet mailed to the home address listed in their Rider Profile. Participants registering on 07.24.21 or later will be able to pick up their credential packet at Pelotonia HQ from 9:00am to 5:00pm 08.03.21-08.05.21, or at the Opening Ceremony Admin tent on 08.06.21.
Where do I park my bike overnight?
Overnight bike storage on Friday will not be available in 2021. All Riders must bring their bikes with them to their Saturday morning starting locations. For those riding two days, Pelotonia will offer bike transportation for your bike to be taken to New Albany Schools, where it will be stored in a secure overnight corral and be available for pick-up on Sunday morning before your Ride start.
How often will shuttles run?
We will do our best to run shuttles as often as possible, but please remember that the times between shuttle departures may vary. If you need to leave immediately after reaching your finish area, we recommend that you arrange to have someone meet you at your finish.
Are spectators allowed along the route?
We encourage guests to cheer on Riders as they proceed along the route and arrive at their finish areas. When traveling to a particular portion of the route, including a finish line celebration, guests should make every effort to travel along alternative roads in order to keep the route as clear of cars as possible. Guests should also park cars away from the route in order to keep those roads clear and safe for Riders.
At finish line celebrations, guests must follow all instructions provided by members of law enforcement and Pelotonia Volunteers and should look for signage directing them to designated guest parking areas. Please note that guests are not invited to enter any of the rest stops along the route, including the lunch rest stop. Guests must not attempt to enter rest stops for any reason as it endangers the Riders who are entering and exiting the properties. Additionally, please note that putting spray paint on public roadways in an effort to cheer on Riders is strictly prohibited by law.
100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

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